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Acting On Camera

For whom is this workshop? For beginner, intermediate and advanced actors. It is valuable for directors and screenwriters as well. Ghena Moroșanu's method comes from Lee Strasberg, Sanford Meissner, Gerald James, Hedy Sontag and David Strasberg methods. Learn how to create interesting and live characters through this intense and emotional workshop with real time study exercises and methods. These lessons offer you more than just an acting training. Following these lessons each participant will discover a profound truth about himself as an artist. This workshop is focused on the work on scenes, selected from the best films in the world. We will focus on the answers to the following questions:

• What specific tools can be used in the working in film or TV?
• Why are some "on camera" decisions are stronger than others?
• How can you deliver a memorable act/play?

We will talk about filming Selftapes, Casting and Acting, including Acting in Hollywood. We can also work on the script analysis and the Improvisation, as a bonus. Each scene will be recorded and at the end of the workshop you will have your personal material.

Sincerely, Ghena Moroșanu

Those who wish to register for the workshop "ACTING ON CAMERA", send an email to:
Course price: 720 lei
Details: +37378965804
Course duration: 12 hours
Deadline for registration: October 02, 2019.
The seats are limited.

Ghena Moroșanu Actor / Director / Producer / ActingCoach

Ghena is a Moldovan actor in Hollywood, for more than seven years he has been working in Los Angeles as an actor, film and theater producer, acting coach and director. He graduated from one of the best acting school Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute which has brought actors like Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Harvey Keitel, Angelina Jolie, Marylin Monroe, Marlon Brando, Scarlett Johansson, etc.

He is a member of Group at Strasberg Los Angeles, actor / director at SixtySix Theater Hollywood, Shia Labeouf Theater Company. Ghena's mentors are Hedy Sontag (Actors Studio Director and Lee Strasberg's Disciple), Gerald James (Director, teacher, creator of Method Movement), David Strasberg (Teacher and Principal of Lee Strasberg School).

For seven years Ghena has been in multiple projects in the USA, Moldova, Italy, with films (Homeland Big House, Billion, Winter in LA, Welcome to Valhala, Stampila, etc.), commercials, music videos, plays (Three sisters , The Puppet House, Seven, Chicago, Cabaret, etc.) and acting workshops (Awareness of the subcouncious/in-scene, Method movement, etc.)

The acting workshop with Ghena Morosanu is an intense acting workshop, which is the basis of the Lee Strasberg method, method movement by the director / professor Gerald James and the director / teacher Hedy Sontag, Ghena studied for 7 years the acting and teaching of the acting in the USA, where he is an honorific student and substitute teacher at Lee Strasberg.