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How to Pitch A Film Project!

The aim of this Masterclass is to support producers, filmmakers, directors and writers in pitching their next film projects up to a professional standard and to improve presentational skills when pitching in an individual meeting or on a stage to an audience of professionals.

For whom
It is for producers as well as writer/directors, preferably with a project for a full-length feature or documentary at stakes, but likewise for interested filmmakers and creatives without a project, at their individual level of experience.  It is for beginners & advanced alike.

This exclusive lecture comes with a visual presentation and includes interactive participation.
Topics: Why to Pitch? – What is a Pitch exactly? – Kinds of Pitches – Story Pitch (Synopsis, Loglines) – Package Pitch with Crucial Elements – When to Pitch? – Elevator Pitch – ‘Cold’ Pitch: The Written Pitch – Practicing a Pitch – Getting ready for the Stage – How to begin it? How to end it? - Delivering It! – About Frustration & about Taking in the Win.

Time Frame / Language / Deadline Registration
ARTCOR on October 3, 2019 from 10:00 to 13:00 (including one coffe breake).
The conversation language will be English.
Those who wish to register for the Masterclass, please register by email at:
Deadline registration: September 30, 2019. Num─ârul locurilor este limitat.

This Masterclass is supported by: Centrul Cultural German Akzente, Goethe-Institut Bukarest & COR.

For long, Brigitta Manthey has been training film professionals in Germany and abroad. She is a Berlin-based Advisor for Film Funding at the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, evaluating national and international film projects in all stages. She is point of contact for film professionals from Eastern European countries.

Her professional responsibility comprises her board membership at the New German Film Board Foundation, her appointment as expert at the EAVE European Producer’s Workshops and into national & int’l Jurys. As a qualified script-consultant and long-term reader of film scripts, she has released a widely accepted industry standard of a reader’s report.

Previously, Brigitta Manthey was Head of the Film Department at the main Literary Center Berlin; freelancer at the Drama-Department of the TV-broadcaster Free Berlin and a producer of documentaries. She holds a M.A. in American Literature, Film & Theatrical Science.