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Travel to Moldova

Moldova is a small and uniquely charming country, tucked away between Romania and Ukraine in the furthest reaches of Eastern Europe. On the map it looks
like a bunch of ripe grapes, which is no coincidence: Moldova has the highest percentage of land dedicated to vineyards in the world. Looking for more than
just magnets to take home from your trip? As one of the least visited countries in the world, Moldova will surprise and intrigue you at every turn, leaving you with
unforgettable memories and unique stories to tell your friends.

It’s the people that make Moldova special! Travel to any corner of Moldova and you will find genuine, friendly interactions with warm and open people. When you arrive in a Moldovan village, before you know it you will be at a table groaning with food, and with the host treating you to local wine. Our national cuisine will surprise you with its honesty, simplicity and richness. Close your eyes and dream of a savory soup called Zeamă, cooked with homemade noodles, and Mămăliga - a dish made from cornmeal - which is cut with a thread and served with Moldovan cheese, sour cream and a meat stew, Tocană.

Each corner of Moldova has its own unique identity. In the south, you can find the Găgăuz, a lively people with their own culture, history, traditions, and of course, delicious cuisine. Travel just an hour from Chisinau in another direction and you will discover just how diverse our small country can be. If you cross the Dniester River to its left bank, you will find Transnistria, a territory where time has stood still. Visiting Transnistria can feel like you’ve traveled back to the USSR. Or, if you want to meet our Roma minority, then your way lies to the north of Moldova, to Soroca. The outskirts of the city might leave you with ambiguous feelings, but you will never forget this colorful trip and how you got to know such a unique group of people. And, of course, who could forget the mighty Codrii forests in the heart of the country. But if you do one thing when you come to see us, you should go to see the unique historical complex of Old Orhei. Seeing the cave monasteries and the ancient hermitage is a MUST. No visit to Moldova is complete without a trip to this picturesque valley, echoing with stories stretching back millennia.