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Cedric's Car

Cedric's Car
Director: Alexander Kurilov
Original title: Cedric's Car
Script: Alexander Kurilov
Status: No Premiere
Age restrictions: 6+
Country: Moldova, Republic of
Production year: 2018
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Short
Sound: Radu Zariciuc
Duration: 2 min.
Producer: Alexander Kurilov


Cedric's Car is a comedy series aimed primarily at car people, also known as: gearheads, petrolheads, revheads, motorheads and grease monkeys.

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Born in 1985, in the Soviet Union, Alexander’s first encounter with film was through an improvised cable service set up by the neighbors. Growing up in a country with no cinemas and no film industry, every film he experienced had a huge impact. Over time, a heightened interest towards storytelling had developed and Alexander started practicing his screenwriting skills. In 2008 Alexander founded his own video and animation production studio called Kurilov Group Creative Studio which has shortly become one of the best in the region. The studio has a slate of film projects, of which “In Exile” is the first one to have been produced.