Ro Ru


Director: Carlos Violadé
Original title: Foreigner
Script: Carlos Violadé
Status: Moldavian Premiere
DoP: Manutrillo
Age restrictions: 12+
Country: Spain
Scenography: Pedro Godoy
Production year: 2018
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Sound: Alonso Velasco, Jorge Marín
Duration: 28 min.
Montage: Darío García García
Producer: Carlos Violadé, Julio Vergne, Javier Aguayo
Language: English, French, Spanish
Distribution (actors): Josh Taylor, Luka Peros, Tamara Arias, Alexandra Piñeiro, Araceli Álvarez de Sotomayor, Joaquín Perles, Sidiya Cisse, Brice Kameni, Silvia Laplata, Saliou Ndiaye, Thierno Diagne, Birane Wane, Ana López Segovia.


Mark is a young Englishman who has just arrived to the Cádiz coast. He has come to Spain to visit his cousin, Margaret, who has organized a barbecue with friends in a beautiful house overlooking the sea. After lunch, Amaro invites Mark for a trip out on his boat so he can admire the coast from the sea. Mark, without hesitation, lets himself get carried away; he doesn’t know his life is about to change forever.


About director:


CARLOS VIOLADÉ GUERRERO (Seville, Spain. 1977) Architect (University of Seville. Spain) and filmmaker interested in different fields of artistic expression. He has developed works in film, literature, architecture and established cultural enterprises.