Ro Ru


Director: Nicolae Negară
Original title: Кнаклс
Script: Ruben Agadjanean, Nicolae Negară
Status: Moldavian Premiere
DoP: Ruben Agadjanean
Age restrictions: 15+
Music: Lucian Ciubotaru
Country: Moldova, Republic of, Russian Federation
Scenography: Veaceslav Tomșa
Production year: 2019
Costumes: Jana Povalachi
Genre: Thriller
Sound: Radu Bostan, Ion Puică
Duration: 18 min.
Montage: Nicolae Negară
Producer: Ruben Agadjanean, Anna Antir
Language: Russian
Distribution (actors): Alina Mihailevschi, Dmitrii Koev, Yana Lazari, Mihai Zubcu, Iurie Focșa


A short story about the return to his city of a girl who survived several months of horror and escaped from it. The question is - by whom she returned and at what cost.


About director:


Film director from the Republic of Moldova, 30 years. He started his activity in the audiovisual field since 2007, when he participated for the first time and won in the Video Spot Competition on the danger of tuberculosis ("TBC-CBT"). In 2013, Nicolae graduated from the Chisinau Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts, with the title of "Film and TV Director". In the last year of studies at the Academy, Nicolae was designated "Student of the Year". As a student, Nicolae participated in various film festivals, competitions, national and international seminars, including: Tbilisi ISFF (Gruzia), Sofia Meetings (Bulgaria), Transylvania IFF (Romania), "Autumn of Gold" IFF (Moldova) . A very successful work was the short film "11:30" (2013), which won 3rd place at the XXIV International Film Forum "The Golden Brave" (Russia). Another short film "Uncle Dima Goes Shopping" has participated in several international film festivals: "Film of Stone" (Romania), "Koroche" (Russia), "Action on Film" (USA), "Filmfest Osnabrück" (Germany). In 2016, Nicolae defended her master's thesis in the specialty "Documentary Film Director". Selected filmography:

2019 - Narrative short "Knakls" - co-script, directing, editing;

2019 - Documentary feature “Home at Japca” - editing;

2018 - Narrative short “Today is Tomorrow” - editing;

2016 - Documentary short “Documentary without Words” - script, voice-over, editing;

2015 - Narrative short “The Escape” - script, production, directing, editing;

2014 - Narrative short “Uncle Dime Goes Shopping” - production, directing, editing;

2013 - Narrative short “11:30” - script, production, directing, editing;

2011 - Documentary short "The Tunnel" - editing;

2009 - Narrative short "Already seen" - co-script, production, directing, co-editing.