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My mother said so

My mother said so
Director: Vadim Belocur
Original title: Așa a spus mama
Script: Vadim Belocur
Status: Moldavian Premiere
DoP: Gheorghe Vasluian
Age restrictions: 15+
Country: Moldova, Republic of
Scenography: Vera Stâncă
Production year: 2019
Costumes: Vera Stâncă
Genre: Drama
Sound: Vadim Șeptichin
Duration: 41 min.
Montage: Vadim Belocur
Producer: Natali Sava
Language: Romanian
Distribution (actors): Ilie Nedelcu, Tatiana Saenco, Ala Buhnă


The young journalist Ana, for the task at the university, is preparing an interview with Victor, who has not left the house for 13 years. He lives with his mother, who controls him. Ana tries to find out about the man's problems but finds himself in danger for his life and for her future child.


About director:


Graduate of 2019 the Film Director, AMTAP