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Out Like A Light

Out Like A Light
Director: Laura Tamošiūnaitė Šakalienė
Original title: Laimei einant, užmigęs buvau
Script: Artūras Voiničius
Status: Moldavian Premiere
DoP: Julius Sičiūnas LAC
Age restrictions: 12+
Country: Lithuania
Scenography: Evelina Dapkutė
Production year: 2019
Costumes: Rūta Lečaitė
Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi
Sound: Paulius Bučius, Vilius Ereminas
Duration: 20 min.
Montage: Balys Kumža
Producer: Giedrė Burokaitė, Laura Tamošiūnaitė Šakalienė
Composer: Audrius Siurys
Language: Lithuanian
Distribution (actors): Diana Anevičiūtė-Valiušaitienė, Ridas Jasiulionis, Aušra Pukelytė- Kazanavičienė, Roberta Sirgedaitė, Deividas Breivė, Alex Sezeman


A fallen tree interrupts a not so peaceful family trip to see their relatives. Father thinks only about his job, Mother tries to control everything around her, Daughter looks heavily anaemic, and the only one having lots of energy and curiosity is Son. A strange looking woman pops out of nowhere and asks the family to give her a lift home. Phantasmagoric trip with the old woman while the wild animals watch them and her disappearance with the son afterwards reveals family’s sores and tensions, their true faces are shown when impatience, petulance, and intolerance come forth. In an unusual circumstances with the wilderness all around them the family has a chance to assess one another anew.

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LAURA TAMOŠIŪNAITĖ ŠAKALIENĖ was born in 1981 in Vilnius, in the family of musicians. Laura’s firstclose touch with cinema took place in 2004 in Paris, where she studied audiovisual production,while working in the production of documentary films and TV series. In 2012, she became agraduate of Mega Plus Media Business School International Master’s program for producers inEurope. For eight years, she has worked as a producer of audiovisual projects. Last year, shegraduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater with a Master’s degree in filmdirecting. Right now Laura's two short films are travelling internationally. Now she is developingone feature length fiction film, written by the same Lithuanian novelist Jaroslav Melnik, as herprevious movie "Visiting God" and her short film "Fanaberia. Switch on the light" is in pre-production stage.