Ro Ru


Director: Maxim Baraliuc
Original title: Продкомиссар
Script: Maxim Baraliuc, Iacov Gribinenco
Status: Moldavian Premiere
DoP: Gudumac Lilian
Age restrictions: 12+
Music: Lepatov Ruslan
Country: Moldova, Republic of
Production year: 2019
Costumes: Iacov Gribinenco
Genre: Drama
Sound: Ion Melnic
Duration: 26 min.
Montage: Ion Melnic
Producer: Budici Sergiu, Oleinicov Vladislav
Language: Russian
Distribution (actors): Iacov Gribinenco, Evghenii Bognibov, Stanislav Bincovski


District food commissioner Bodyagin, returning six years later to his native village, found out that his own father was an enemy of the Soviet regime.


About director:


Maxim Baraliuc spent 6 years working in an Simpals Studio first as a Lighting and Shading Artist then as a Layout Director and Animation Supervisor. At the same time, he has started working on indie short films as a director which resulted in quite positive media traction in his home country. The sheer scope and ambition of his “The Message” and “Prodkommisar” projects have attracted the interest of producers and festivals in the region of Eastern Europe. To broaden and deepen his understanding of filmmaking he has decided to enroll into Toronto Film School.