Ro Ru


Director: Ksenia Ciuvaseva
Original title: Ribakit
Script: Angelina Urbanczyk, Ksenia Ciuvaseva
Status: Moldavian Premiere
DoP: Clemens Barth
Age restrictions: 12+
Country: Germany
Scenography: Catharina Zopf
Production year: 2019
Genre: Drama
Sound: Vincent Merfort
Duration: 13 min.
Montage: Jonatán Loerincz
Producer: Niklas Burghardt
Language: Russian
Distribution (actors): Dmitry Oleinik, Elina Vildanova, Jurij Rosstalnyj, Peter Dobrikin, Alexey Mironov, Arne Julian Kertesz.


Unwillingly Marat becomes an intermediary in his own family. Why doesn't it feel like home anymore?


About director:


Ksenia Ciuvaseva grew up in the Republic of Moldova after the fall of the Soviet Union. Her life observations as a poet, photographer, polyglot, horse rider, musician and daughter of a pilot helped her recognize filmmaking as her main passion and métier. Before starting a BA degree on directing at Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, which she is currently enroled in, she successfully graduated in Film and Theater Studies at Free University in Berlin and Charles University in Prague. She was awarded with Erasmus+, Deutschlandstipendium and DAAD prize scholarships.