Ro Ru

Rue De Four

Rue De Four
Director: Natalia Benzaquen
Original title: Rue De Four
Script: Natalia Benzaquen
Status: Moldavian Premiere
DoP: Laurent Pasquiet
Age restrictions: 18+
Music: Olivier Rabat
Country: France
Scenography: Amaryllis Bellity
Production year: 2019
Genre: Drama
Sound: Marc-Antoine Archier
Duration: 18 min.
Montage: Émeline Godefroit
Producer: Natalia Benzaquen
Language: French
Distribution (actors): Natalia Benzaquen, Mathieu Montbroussous, Yves Sauton


A young woman, a scar buried deep inside her, two friends, two men thirsty for power, two encounters, two years, one street: "Rue Du Four".


About director:


Natalia is a native of Moldova, living in France. She graduated from the Chisinau Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts in 2008. She made his film debut with the short film "RUE DU FOUR" in which he plays the central role. She is currently in the development stage of her first feature film "VIVRE".