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Director: Igor Sadovski
Original title: Spectrum
Scenario: Igor Sadovski
Status: Moldavian Premiere
DoP: Angelo Stramaglia
Age restrictions: +16
Country: Moldova, Republic of
Scenography: Mihai Racila
Production year: 2018
Costumes: Lilia Ixari
Genre: Thriller
Sound: Marin Turea
Duration: 19 min.
Editing: Liuba Sadovski
Producer: Igor Sadovski
Composer: Alexandr Stroganov
Distribution (actors): Rada Ixari, Daniel Iordan


A tragic accident, the husband died, the wife, Eva, seriously injured, remains alive. A closed chapter, but actually continuing with Eve's return home after a long hospital stay. A deserted and cold house, covered mirrors reflecting a bleak day of funeral, a fatal day, that leaves no room for a new life. The home mirrors become Eve's nightmare, the frightening sensations that convey to her, leave no doubt about something unreal that haunts the house.


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Igor Sadovski (born February 6, 1981, Edineţ, Republic of Moldova) is a film director, producer and screenwriter. Igor Sadovski born in Edinet, Republic of Moldova on February 6, 1981, the only son of the parents Vladimir Sadovski (Edinet, January 11, 1957) and Nina Sadovski (Calaraşi, January 22, 1960); his father was a veterinarian, his mother is an accountant. At the age of 20, he goes to Italy, today operating between both countries. He is the founder of Cinemascope Sadovski srl 2017 Production House of Moldova. Diplomat at SAE Institute Milan in 2010, where he studies at the digital filmmaking department.


Disturbia (2012) Medallion (2013) Flutulus (2016) Canon (2017) Spectrum (2018)


Werner Gruber (2019) Charlotte (2020)