Ro Ru


Director: Anton Filipenko, Boris Dergachev
Original title: Однушка
Script: Anton Filipenko, Boris Dergachev
Status: International Premiere
DoP: Dmitriy Tshay, Alexander Dmitriev
Age restrictions: 16+
Country: Russian Federation
Scenography: Victoria Gordeeva
Production year: 2019
Genre: Comedy
Sound: Antonina Balashova
Duration: 15 min.
Montage: Nadezhda Filatova, Andrey Bushmin
Producer: Anton Filipenko, Boris Dergachev
Language: Russian
Distribution (actors): Anton Filipenko, Galina Sumina, Boris Dergachev, Anton Lapenko.


Tired of accommodation searching, a couple finally rents a studio near the noisy construction-in-progress. Although this is just a trivia compared to what they discover in this apartment.


About director:


Anton Filipenko was born in 1980, Khabarovsk, Russia. In 2014 he graduated from Saint Petersburg State Academy of Performing Arts.
Was in the troup of Lensovet’s Theatre Studio, Saint Petersburg.
Since 2015 Anton works in Electrotheatre STANISLAVSKY (headed by Boris Yukhananov). Anton also stars in the movies and series.

Boris Dergachev born in 1991, Russia.
Graduted from Saratov State Institute of Performing Arts in 2010, then studied Russian Institute of Theatre Arts.
Boris works in Electrotheatre STANISLAVSKY (headed by Boris Yukhananov) and stars in the movies and series.