Ro Ru


Director: Shokir Kholikov
Original title: Choy
Script: Shokir Kholikov
Status: Moldavian Premiere
DoP: Akmal Mamatov
Age restrictions: 12+
Music: Jahongir Majidov
Country: Uzbekistan
Scenography: Erkin Xushmatov
Production year: 2018
Costumes: Erkin Xushmatov
Genre: Drama
Sound: Jahongir Majidov
Duration: 16 min.
Montage: Dilshod Saparov
Producer: Shokir Kholikov
Distribution (actors): Adham Yusufaliyev, Oyparcha Abdullayeva.


If you look at human`s life from the side it seems that a human being lives only for own benefits, but there are other goods for living. However, a hero of the film struggled for his needs with difficulty, he could not reach his goal. But he won.

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He was born in 30.11.1992 in Surkhandaryo region in Uzbekistan. After graduating from Tashkent College of Technology in 2014 he entered Uzbekistan State Institute of Arts and Culture in "Film, TV and Radio directing" major in 2014 year, in  2018 year he finished  studies.