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Free delivery and return

Free delivery and return
Director: Adrien Orville
Original title: Livraison et retour gratuit
Script: Adrien Orville
Status: World Premiere
DoP: Colin Donner
Age restrictions: 6+
Country: Belgium
Scenography: Adrien Orville
Production year: 2019
Genre: Drama
Sound: David Ferral
Duration: 6 min.
Montage: Timothée Sempels
Producer: Adrien Orville
Language: French
Distribution (actors): Rachel Lecomte, Francisco Luzemo,


François is excited about having a child. This new world of childcare pushes him to buy the latest trends and he takes every opportunity to shine as a cutting-edge father-to-be. However, François' world collapses when his partner Sylvie tells him that she does not want to keep the baby. François will do everything to convince her to change her mind and keep his part in this new world...


About director:


Born on October 15th, 1985 in Nice (France), Adrien ORVILLE has a long past in marketing and project management in the tech industry. Throughout his career, he has observed the excesses of a society motivated by consumption, the need to belong and the loss of points of reference. Adrien decided to go back to school and graduated in cinema at the Sorbonne University of Paris in 2019. Free Delivery and Return is his first film.