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"From script to screen" - how to approach all the sound stages of a movie.

YOUBESC CREATIVE INSTITUTE is organizing the training program: Sound Engineering in Film (seRIFF). The theoretical-practical session will be delivered by Alexandru Dumitru.

seRIFF is co-financed by COR - Creative Industries Association in Moldova and it is dedicated for sound engineers, directors and film producers in the Republic of Moldova, in order to develop their skills in SOUND for FILM.

seRIFF coordinator is Roman Bordei - sound supervisor, audio engineer, music producer and head of YOUBESC studios.

The Partner of seRIFF is COR - Association of Creative Industry Companies in Moldova, supported by the Moldova Competitiveness Project, funded by USAID, Government of Sweden and UK Aid.

seRIFF will be held on October 5, 2019, YOUBESC, first Surround 5.1 studio in Moldova.


Those wishing to participate in the workshop, are invited to register with the title seRIFF at the email:
Deadline for registration: October 3, 2019. The number of seats is limited.



Alexandru Dumitru

Growing up in a family with music background, made me pay close attention to sound. I started playing drums and started a Death Metal band in high school. From there, I went to DJ-ing and, later on, to playing with songs and doing remixes. It was my first encounter with sound software. In 2011, I joined the Chainsaw Europe team.
Although I still play & compose music, I discovered that nothing interests and fascinates me more than sound design and sound editing. From ambiences to car crashes, from foley to easily understandable lines, I love to acquire, create, and manipulate sounds to fit a scene.

Roman Bordei
Head of YOUBESC studios / seRIFF coordinator

Audio engineer, Sound Designer, Sound Mixer, Sound Supervisor, Music Producer, Author of SoundTracks - Roman realised thounsand of audio-video commercials, songs, TV broadcasted programs. He participated at designing and mixing of following projects: ”What a Wonderful World”, ”Billion”, ”The last day before June”, ”Resentiment”, ”Today is Tomorrow”, ”One More One Less”, ”Wings”, ”Beautiful Corruption”, ”Thunders”, ”Santa Barbara” and others.