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For five days, the RAVAC IFF has become the cultural catalyst that promoted local and international cinema, reunited filmmakers and viewers in the same space and developed for the first time an industry platform by organizing 4 educational events for directors, producers and film professionals.

During October 3-7, the audience from Chisinau had the opportunity to watch 50 amazing films: 8 international feature films, 25 international short films, 12 Moldovan films and 5 films from the gold fund of Moldova Film, on 7 cinema screens (Patria Loteanu, Patria Multiplex, Cinema Odeon).



The Award Ceremony



On October 7, the RAVAC 2018 Awards Ceremony took place at the Cehov Theater.
For the first time in the history of Moldovan cinema 11 awards were offered for local productions:

  • The Best Director Award - Iulia Puica / The Sofa
  • The Best Costume Design Award - Jana Povalachi / Resentmen
  • The Best Scenography Award - Roman Cantir / Ultima zi din Mai
  • The Best Picture Award - Mariana Shtefanetz / Ultima zi din Mai
  • The Best Music Award - Serghei Harlamov / 9 vieti
  • The Best Sound Award - Andrea Ravasio / Spectrum
  • The Best Film Editing Award - Natalia Shaufert / Resentment
  • The Best Screenplay Award - Mariana Starciuc / Plus Minus Unu
  • The Best Actress Award - Loredana Sandu / Frica din spatele meu
  • The Best Actor Award - Felix Podborski, Plus Minus Unu
  • Public Sympathy Award - Plus minus Unu / producer Ion Bors

At the same time, two Excellency Awards for the whole activity were given to outstanding personalities from moldovan film industry:

Valentina Plugaru - FIRST AD
Vlad Druck - documentarist, director, actor, dop, lector

At this edition, "Excellence Award" from Wine of Moldova for Outstanding Contribution to the World Cinema was given to Eva Melander, the main actress in BORDER, winner of "Un certain Regarde" Festival de Cannes 2018, also Sweden's proposal for the Oscars 2019 and the Academy Award Nomination for Best Achievement in Makeup.

The RAVAC Trophy went to Romania for LEMONADE, directed by Ioana Uricaru (Best Director @Sarajevo 2018).

The Best International Short Film Award was given to Georgian ERASER by Davit Pirtskhalava.

RAVAC IFF awarded filmmakers with 17 bronze statuettes and 22 diplomas.