Ro Ru


Director: Igor Poplauhin
Original title: Calendar
Status: Moldavian Premiere
DoP: Evgeny Rodin
Age restrictions: +16
Country: Russian Federation
Production year: 2018
Costumes: Evgeniya Myakisheva
Genre: Drama
Sound: Vyacheslav Nesmeyanov
Duration: 29 min.
Producer: Konstantin Shavlovsky
Language: Russian
Distribution (actors): Kirill Kukushkin, Irina Salikova, Gala Samoylova


At first glance she is just an ordinary woman. But every couple of month her normal life comes to a halt. Secretly from her loved ones she goes on a long journey. She jumps from one type of transportation to another, carefully covering up her tracks, building a web of lies during her phone conversations. What is on her mind and what is the purpose of this journey?

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