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For the first time in the Republic of Moldova, YOUBESC CREATIVE INSTITUTE organized the training program: Sound Engineering in Film (seRIFF). The theoretical-practical session was delivered by Max Ponomarchuk and Valeriy Khiloboc, world-wide experts with extensive experience in one of only 16 DOLBY PREMIUM studios in the world.

seRIFF is co-financed by COR - Creative Industries Association in Moldova and it is dedicated for sound engineers, directors and film producers in the Republic of Moldova, in order to develop their skills in SOUND for FILM.

seRIFF was held on October 6 (8 hours) in the YOUBESC studio, the only Surround 5.1 studio in Moldova, as a program related to the development of the film industry within the first edition of RAVAC INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL.

seRIFF coordinator was Roman Bordei - sound supervisor, audio engineer, music producer and head of YOUBESC studios.

The Partner of seRIFF was COR - Association of Creative Industry Companies in Moldova, supported by the Moldova Competitiveness Project, funded by USAID and the Government of Sweden.



Maksym Ponomarchuk
Head of Sound Department Pie Post Production / Postmodern

Co-founder of Pie Post production (Ukraine) and Head of the sound department of Postmodern (, Ukraine). Sound engineer for rerecording films of Warner Brothers and Fox companies, from 2013 to 2016 (localization into Ukrainian and Russian).

Sound engineer for following projects: “Stolen princess”, “Ruslan and Ludmila”, ”The Stronghold”, “The Dragon Spell”, “The Tribe” and others.

Valeriy Khilobok
Sound Designer / Composer

For a long time he worked with Foley and composing music. Combining the accumulated experience in working with foley, effects, libraries, Valeriy began to activate in sound design in cinema and the gaming industry. He works on full-length films and series: “The Sniffer”, “The Watch Outpost”, “The Stolen Princess”, “Nikita Kozhemyak”, “Perception”, “The Last Step” and others.

Roman Bordei
Head of YOUBESC studios / seRIFF coordinator

Audio engineer, Sound Designer, Sound Mixer, Sound Supervisor, Music Producer, Author of SoundTracks - Roman realised thounsand of audio-video commercials, songs, TV broadcasted programs. He participated at designing and mixing of following projects: ”What a Wonderful World”, ”Billion”, ”The last day before June”, ”Resentiment”, ”Today is Tomorrow”, ”One More One Less”, ”Wings”, ”Beautiful Corruption”, ”Thunders”, ”Santa Barbara” and others.


Summary of the training program


Surround mixing
- Local Projects
- Stem mixing and workflow
- Score Stem Mixing
- Panning Instruments
- Examples (Daw: Pro Tools)
- Q&A

For Producers
- Sound Supervisor
- What Producers need to know
- Post-Production Workflow
- Q&A

Sound Design
- Audio elements for movies
- Ambiance
- Foley
- Sound Effects
- Music
- About Sound Design
- How To make sound effects
- Recording and mic technics
- Audio Editing
- Working in team
- Q&A

seRIFF Participants

8 specialists in the audio field participated in #seRIFF - a workshop dedicated to film sound

  • Radu Zariciu
  • Sorin Mutelică
  • Octavian Coteț
  • Andrei Pavlovski
  • Dan Brumă
  • Valentin Strișcov
  • Ion Puică
  • Sergiu Gusacinschi