Ro Ru


Director: Ioana Uricaru
Original title: Lemonade
Scenario: Ioana Uricaru,Tatiana Ionascu
Status: Moldavian Premiere
DoP: Friede Clausz
Age restrictions: +18
Music: Olivier Alary
Country: Romania, United States
Scenography: Sylvain Lemaitre
Production year: 2018
Costumes: Dana Paparuz, Jenn Pocobene
Genre: Drama
Sound: Kai Tebbel
Duration: 88 min.
Editing: Mircea Olteanu
Producer: Eike Goreczka, Christoph Kukula, Yanick Létourneau, Cristian Mungiu, Sean Wheelan
Distribution (actors): Mãlina Manovici, Dylan Smith, Steve Bacic, Milan Hurduc, Ruxandra Maniu


Mara, a young Romanian woman, has just moved to the US with Dragos, her 9-year-old son, marrying Daniel, an American she has met only a few months ago. The film follows her through a series of revealing encounters during one day, from her problems of babysitting, her unplanned and uncomfortable meeting with a U.S. immigration official, to dealing with the police about her son she had to leave in a motel room and the bank issue for a loan with her husband.

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Graduate of the Faculty of Biology, University of Bucharest. Master in Biochemistry. Graduate Film director at UNATC (1994-1998), where he is a colleague with Cristian Mungiu. In 2000 he participated in a workshop with Mungiu and decided to stay in the USA. In 2001 he writes at the University of Southern California for Cinematographic Arts, which was studied for the Master of Fine Arts in Film and Television Production, and then obtained his doctorate in critical studies. He is currently an assistant professor of film culture and media at Middlebury College.