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One more one less

One more one less
Director: Ion Borș
Original title: One more one less
Scenario: Mariana Starciuc
Status: Moldavian Premiere
DoP: Ruben Agadjanean
Age restrictions: +12
Music: Dan Bruma
Country: Moldova, Republic of
Scenography: Tudor Andreev, Cristian Ceban, Mihai Racila, Veaceslav Tomsa   
Production year: 2018
Costumes: Irina Gurin, Victoria Rotaru
Genre: Drama
Sound: Roman Bordei, Teodor Covrig, Marin Turea.
Duration: 28 min.
Editing: Sergiu Barajin, Stefan Nistor
Producer: Ion Borș
Composer: Dan Bruma
Distribution (actors): Felix Podborski, Valentina Plugaru, Natalia Bernaz, Nicolae Jelescu, Boris Bechet, Irina Vacarciuc, Boris Cremene, Contantin Ipati, Doriana Zubcu-Marginean,  Olga Gutu-Cucu, Victor Drumi, Arcadie Racila, Ghenadie Brega, Radu Chirev, Eugenia Vilion.


The movie Plus Minus Unu tells the story of a resident doctor who discovers a mistake in the diagnosis of a patient, mistake that makes it impossible to save the patient anymore. Even if he’s threatened by the management of the hospital and risks to be expelled from his studies and remain without a home, he brings out the truth about the mistake made by his influent colleagues, choosing to fight alone against a corrupted and flawful system.


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Ion Borsh is a director and actor, known for One More One Less (2018) and Beautiful Corruption (2018).