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Today artist, tonight taxist

Today artist, tonight taxist
Director: Dumitru Grosei
Original title: Today artist, tonight taxist
Scenario: Dumitru Grosei, Sergiu Terente
Status: Moldavian Premiere
DoP: Dumitru Grosei
Age restrictions: +16
Music: LabbaTrista
Country: Moldova, Republic of, Romania
Scenography: Dumitru Grosei
Production year: 2018
Costumes: Dumitru Grosei
Genre: Drama
Sound: Avanpost
Duration: 14 min.
Editing: Dumitru Grosei, Cristian Madan
Producer: Dumitru Grosei
Composer: Sergiu Terente
Distribution (actors): Sergiu Terente, Stefan Koch, Ștefan Gâlcă, Eva Cernei


The film is about the last hours in the life of a young loser from Chisinau, who is neither a rocker, nor a taxi driver, not even a boyfriend. As a consequence - he makes an accident, in which he dies with a German customer, who has come to look for his grandfather’s grave, dead in WW II.


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Until recently, the name of Dumitru Grosei was known only in narrow circles, with cinematic interests. The director acted more in Romania, where he set his base in the film at UNATC Bucharest, at the Faculty of Film and TV Directing, with colleagues the famous Cristi Mungiu, whom he graduated in 1999. The film His diploma "Voila" awarded him the Kodak Award for Best Picture and was shown at the Dakino Film Festival at Corrida Audiovisuelle 2000, France at the Munich Film Festival and Premiere Plans, France.