Ro Ru


Director: Javier Marco
Original title: Uno
Scenario: Belén Sánchez-Arévalo
Status: Moldavian Premiere
DoP: Olvido Pérez, Julio César Tortuero, Yadira Ávalos
Age restrictions: +14
Country: Spain
Production year: 2017
Genre: Drama
Sound: María Angulo Villar
Duration: 10 min.
Editing: Javier Marco
Producer: Javier Marco
Distribution (actors): Pedro Casablanc, Manuel Toro


Far out at sea, a cell phone floating inside an air-tight bag starts to ring.


About director:


Javier Marco has shot short films such as "Uno", "El Vestido", "Ella", "Classmate", "Tú o yo", "Casitas", "Voluntario" and "3 minutos". His latest short film "Uno" is pre-selected for the 91th Academy Awards (2019). He is currently working on the preproduction of his first feature film "Josefina". He has won more than 200 international and national awards like Brussels Short Film Festival (Oscar® qualifying), Festival Ibérico de Cine (Goya Qualifying), Festival Iberoamericano FIBABC, New York Film Festival (USA), Almería en Corto, Manchester Film Festival (UK), Social World Film Festival (Italy), Festicine Pehuajó (Argentina), RNE and Notodofilmfest among others.